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Apply for your passport to Lithuania, Europe, and beyond!

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Lithuanian citizenship is acquired by birth, naturalization or ancestry. Individuals whose family history is in Lithuania usually qualify for full citizenship up to the fourth generation abroad...  



Different clients, different reasons! For some it's all about yellow, green & red - their Lithuanian pride. Others prefer the convenience of the truly extensive visa-free travel or the safety afforded by a backup nationality. Not least, a Lithuanian passport can grant automatic residence, employment and education rights in many other European countries...



Would I lose my current citizenship? Will I have to pay more taxes? For many, these are the most prominent questions before deciding to apply. We've summarized our answers to help you make a decision, so take a read...

                                 is Lithuanian for "My Passport". And your Lithuanian passport is our mission!


We are a specialized boutique company whose sole business is to assist potential and current Lithuanian citizens resolve matters concerning their nationality.


Our largest group of clients are those seeking to become Lithuanian citizens by ancestry. However, no less important to us are our customers who wish to naturalize, restore citizenship previously lost, clarify their status after long years abroad or adoption into foreign countries, or simply need help with consular matters (e.g. passports, voting, or vital records). Whatever your question, we can help!


“The team at Mano Pasas were helpful and very pleasant to deal with. Against all odds with the scant details I had, I am now a Lithuanian citizen! Thank you, Mano Pasas!”

- Isadora from Rio de Janeiro

Mano Pasas

The Mano Pasas service

Based in Vilnius, Lithuania and London, UK, we will handle the paperwork and assist you from A to Z, wherever you may live.


Take a look around, and when you feel ready, give us a shout. If you are currently not a Lithuanian citizen and wish to explore the possibility of applying by virtue of ancestry, simply fill in the form at the top right, and you will get a link to a free no-obligation eligibility assessment page. After this, we will be in the position to advise you further in more detail. We do not pass your details to third parties. Normally, one Lithuanian great-grandparent is sufficient lineage. Different situation? Send us an email! No question too small or too big.


We look forward to assisting you!

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Did you know?


The Lithuanian word for a citizen, pilietis, derives from the word for a castle, pilis, and means, roughly, "one who lives in the castle".


We invite you to join the castle!

“I cannot tell you enough what a valuable job Mano Pasas does for American Lithuanians! They helped me through the entire process step by step, saving me time and tons of money along the way.”


- Yolanda from Los Angeles

“Thank you so much for this! We have been so unbelievably happy with the service that you offer!”

- Shira from Johannesburg

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