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Ease of travel

Wherever you live, a Lithuanian passport opens borders for travel! Visa-free travel arrangements exist with:


  • Virtually all of Europe (EU and non-EU)

  • Australia and New Zealand

  • Canada

  • Israel

  • Japan

  • Nearly all of Latin America (incl. Brazil)

  • South Korea

  • Turkey

  • United States

  • and many other countries on all continents...

                                                                                                           An unofficial list is maintained here (not by us) for general guidance



In Europe, within the no-borders Schengen Travel Area, which includes


Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland,


no regular border checks take place on land, at airports, or at water ports when travelling directly between two countries within the Area. When arriving or departing from/to countries outside the Area, additional passport control lanes and automatic gates designated for European citizens only are in operation.



Many countries in Europe, including all Schengen members, do not require Lithuanians to carry a passport for entry. The credit-card-sized Lithuanian national identity cards are valid for European travel in these cases and present a more convenient and economical option. Full list of countries here.



Should a citizen of Lithuania require consular assistance abroad (help from the embassy/consulate), if it is the case that no Lithuanian mission exists in their country of travel, they may approach the embassy/consulate of any other EU state to receive emergency citizen services. For example, if a Lithuanian citizen loses travel documents or is arrested in, say, Malaysia (there are no Lithuanian representations in Malaysia), they will be able to receive assistance from, for instance, the Embassy of Denmark. This means that worldwide consular assistance is available in virtually any country in the world.



Some travelers prefer the comfort of having a choice of nationality in hostile destinations. Others simply like the peace of mind afforded by carrying two passports in two different bags, in case of theft! Within Europe, add your Lithuanian identity card to the list and you have three valid travel documents at once!



Lithuanian driving licenses (available to residents only) are fully valid for driving within the EU and many other countries while travelling.


As a citizen of Lithuania, you may come and go as you please, and settle down if you wish. Come to this dynamic, hard-working, and honest country to:

  • Study

  • Work

  • Freelance

  • Launch a startup

  • Invest

  • Retire

  • Take a break and hang out (Hey! Why not?)


Lithuanian citizenship accords extensive electoral rights. No matter where you live, you may vote in Lithuanian elections, and online registration is available. Lithuania has had a substantial diaspora ever since the 19th century. The Lithuanian state refers to this unique and cultivated asset as "Global Lithuania" and recognizes the value of being able to draw on Global Lithuania's diverse international experience and knowledge. Elections provide an excellent venue.


Wherever in the world you may live, as a Lithuanian citizen, you are entitled to vote in:

  • Lithuanian presidential elections;

  • elections to the Seimas (the Lithuanian parliament);

  • national referenda;

  • European Parliament elections.


If you live in Lithuania, you may also elect:

  • the Mayor of your local government area;

  • the Council of your local government area.


Voting in Lithuanian elections abroad may be performed either in person at Lithuanian diplomatic and consular missions or completely hassle-free through the post.



Subject to meeting the qualification requirements (e.g. residence and age), all Lithuanian citizens may of course also run for office in any election in Lithuania. Diaspora members who decided to return and immerse themselves in Lithuanian politics have indeed been elected in the past (President Valdas Adamkus, MP Kazys Bobelis, and others).

Civil service

Are you interested in an international career? In addition to the private sector:


  • Lithuanian citizens may seek employment in the Lithuanian civil service, and subject to certain conditions, the civil service of other EU countries.

  • They may also work and intern in the civil service of the European Union institutions (not only in Brussels, but in many locations across the continent) and the service of other international organizations in which Lithuania participates, e.g. OSCE, the UN, NATO, or the Council of Europe.

Restrictions are in place in Lithuania on land ownership by foreign citizens.

This poses a problem for those wishing to:


  • start certain types of small businesses;

  • be included in inheritance arrangements.


The surest way to resolve this is by becoming a citizen!

Land ownership
Ancestry pride

Hey, no secret about it!


Many people seeking our help, especially folks from the USA, simply want to let the world know about the land their ancestors came from!


If this is you, you are most likely a dedicated advocate of Lithuania in personal life, and we think that citizenship is a great way to underscore and receive recognition for your contribution.

Your Lithuanian passport is the mission of Mano Pasas. But why so? Here are some of the top reasons why our clients choose to apply:


  • IMMIGRATION (to Lithuania and the European Union)






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Did you know?


The Lithuanian word for a citizen, pilietis, derives from the word for a castle, pilis, and means, roughly, "one who lives in the castle".


We invite you to join the castle!

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