Mano Pasas is here to walk you through every step of the way, no matter where you live or what aspect of Lithuanian citizenship your query is about! We are here to investigate, advise, and if you decide to go forward, fight for a positive outcome for your citizenship application.




THE Mano Pasas SERVICE is fully inclusive. We will act on your behalf to:


  • Gather any and all required administrative documents in Lithuania

  • Search the archives for proof of your family's history on your behalf (for ancestry applicants);

  • Fill out your application and prepare all supporting documentation;

  • Submit your application to the Lithuanian authorities and liaise with their caseworkers;

  • Keep you updated on the progress;

  • Once your application has been successful, assist you in getting your brand new Lithuanian passport!


  • Some supporting paperwork will need to be obtained from your other country(-ies) to enable your application (birth certificates, for example). We will let you know exactly what we need, and if you are unsure of how to get this, we will be happy to provide instructions and/or act on your behalf where legally possible.




But before you decide...

take advantage of a free, no-obligation eligibility assessment by Mano Pasas!

(for ancestry applicants)


Our complimentary assessment includes:

  • Understanding your citizenship situation in depth and clarifying any uncertain aspects with you directly;

  • Advising you on whether we think you are entitled to Lithuanian citizenship (or, indeed, already are a citizen);

  • Assessing whether we believe you will qualify for dual citizenship;

  • Giving you a simple answer on our opinion of how likely your application is to be successful;

  • Providing you with a clear and affordably priced quote.




Pricing and payment


Mano Pasas takes pride in providing tailored solutions, and pricing will vary depending on how much work your case involves. However, you will be reassured to know that the absolute majority of our clients are quoted in the low three-digit pound sterling figures for our all-inclusive, sit-back-and-relax service!


Joint family applications will receive attractive discounts!


  • Various payment methods are accepted.

  • Choose between a flat pre-agreed fee or itemized billing as the application progresses.

  • Payment by installments is available to flat-fee clients.






How long will it take?


We are an honest, no-nonsense company, so we would certainly not want to mislead you. Getting a decision on your ancestry application will take, roughly, 1-2 years. We promise to do our part quickly, but the rest depends on a) how long it will take to track down the required evidence in the archives and b) the Government's caseload. Once fully submitted, citizenship applications should be decided within six months, but in reality, not infrequently, there is a long backlog of cases, more or less doubling the waiting time. Individual applications may also be selected for additional screening, adding some more time to the process. There has been a noticeable increase in the number of applicants, and unfortunately, the Government is simply understaffed for citizenship caseworkers. In a nutshell, the sooner you start, the better! The good news is that Mano Pasas will be there with you the entire way. No need for you to navigate the process alone or worry about language barriers and legal misunderstandings because we have it all covered for you!


We will be in touch with you to advise when your application has progressed to the next stage, and you are certainly always welcome to drop us a line to check up on progress or to ask any questions.

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Did you know?


The Lithuanian word for a citizen, pilietis, derives from the word for a castle, pilis, and means, roughly, "one who lives in the castle".


We invite you to join the castle!

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