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This is the citizenship path utilized by the majority of our clients.


If at least one of your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents came from Lithuania, it is highly likely that you either are a Lithuanian citizen already or can become one, provided that you are able to prove your family links to the satisfaction of the Lithuanian authorities.


Additional back-door access is available via the loosely interpreted 'Lithuanian descent' clause, although this is a more challenging approach.


No matter your circumstances, our experienced citizenship consultants will assess your situation and give you an easy-to-understand, no-legalese assessment of how likely you are to be successful.

If you were a Lithuanian citizen in 1990, but subsequently left Lithuania and settled in another country, you may have either automatically kept or lost your citizenship, depending on a variety of circumstances in your new country. It is very important to assess your legal position vis-a-vis the Citizenship Act, so that you can either take advantage of your Lithuanian nationality or, if you have lost it, avoid making unlawful claims to being a citizen.


If your Lithuanian citizenship is safe, but you did naturalize elsewhere as a dual citizen, a liability to report this fact exists and may not be straightforward to fulfill when a number of years has passed. Not to worry, we can prepare and submit your report.


Otherwise, in the case of loss of nationality, it is possible to reinstate your citizenship, provided that you meet the respective requirements. We will gladly advise individuals wishing to reinstate their Lithuanian citizenship.

Applications for standard naturalization through long-term residence (as opposed to extraordinary naturalization at the President's discretion for outstanding service) should be carefully planned out in advance.


Those married to a citizen will need to have lived in Lithuania for 7 years, or for 10 years otherwise.


However, those with Lithuanian partners should be aware that marrying or otherwise entering into a partnership with a Lithuanian citizen will significantly ease the legal conditions for residence not only in Lithuania, but throughout all of the EU, provided that the relationship is legally recognized in the desired country of residence.

If you have at least one birth parent who was a Lithuanian citizen at the time of your birth, then you are automatically a citizen as well, irrespective of where the birth occurred and, in the case of only one Lithuanian parent, regardless of where the nationality of the non-Lithuanian parent. Lithuania does not accord citizenship by birth on its territory (save for some very rare exceptions), so if you were born abroad, this will not in itself have any negative effect on your Lithuanian citizenship status.


Later in life, certain legal circumstances and events may impact the status of your Lithuanian nationality, but barring such occurrences, your Lithuanian citizenship will have stayed intact.


In many cases, those adopted from Lithuania into families abroad will also maintain their Lithuanian citizenship.


If you think there is a chance that you may have been born a Lithuanian citizen and would like to investigate your status, we will be very happy to assist you!


Mano Pasas is here to provide you with an all-inclusive, no-headache service when you apply for Lithuanian citizenship or handle other citizenship matters with the Lithuanian authorities. We can help you apply for or retain citizenship acquired by:






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Did you know?


The Lithuanian word for a citizen, pilietis, derives from the word for a castle, pilis, and means, roughly, "one who lives in the castle".


We invite you to join the castle!

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